Your guide to wording your wedding invitations



There is nothing better than a beautifully designed wedding invitation but beyond the beauty, they also need to be informative for your guests and worded in accordance with the style of your wedding and keep in line with proper etiquette.  There are so many possible wording scenarios depending on a number of different factors and I know for most couples they don’t even know where to start on this aspect of the invitation process.  In order to alleviate this stress, we have put together an amazing guide, along with templates for the proper way to word your wedding invitations.  Make sure you grab your copy below!


But first, let’s break it down. Getting the wording right for your invitations is the start of a really great invitation that you’ll be proud of. It’s really not so hard, and by the time you’re done with our guide, you’ll be wondering why you were so worried in the first place.

When wording your wedding invitations you can follow this basic rule of thumb and then adapt based on the scenario that suits you best

1. Proper Names of those hosting the wedding
2. Request Line (ex. Request the honour of your presence)
3. Your names
4. Date & time of your Wedding
5. Name and Location of your Wedding
6. Reception line and details (ex. reception to follow or cocktails and dinner to follow)

Those are the basic necessities for your invitations, although there are some etiquette guidelines you’ll want to consider. Those can be found in our guide. Download it below.