What is letterpress?


Well, the simple answer is letterpress is an antique printing press. Printing using one of these presses is not only a step back in time, but it leaves a beautiful deep impression in a sheet of paper. The quality is unmatched by even today's technology. (I may be biased here, but I really think I'm right). Each sheet of paper gets pushed with about 200 pounds of pressure and ink to make a print. You can literally feel the design.

That's what letterpress is. Now, why would you want it for your wedding invitations?

Beauty lies in the details. Isn't that what they say? Wedding invitations set the tone of the wedding day and it's best to make that first impression count. With letterpress invitations, your guests will feel that your wedding day is something special, by the feel of your invitations. It's really is the most beautiful first impression you can give a wedding day. 

To make this a little bit sweeter, I always include custom design (bespoke) on all my letterpress services. So you will get something custom tailored to you and your wedding day. Totally unique invitations. Wouldn't it be great knowing that your friend isn't sending the same invitation as you are?