Digitally Printed Wedding Invitations
our ready-made collection

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I bet you've been doing a lot of daydreaming – dreaming of your wedding day and how you want to be unique and have your own style that will last the test of time.  I also know that weddings are a huge expense and sometimes custom designed letterpress invitations just aren't in the cards. Although I absolutely am obsessed with letterpress, I totally respect your budget, and still think that everyone deserves to have a beautiful first impression of their wedding day.

This is why I've come out with a unique Silverplate Press line of digitally printed invitation suites – a bit easier on the budget but still beautifully designed with you in mind. Prices start at just $2.75/invitation with envelope.

In order for you to be totally comfortable with a ready-made design, I provide FREE proofs before you buy anything. All you need to do is provide your wording for your invitations and within 3 business days you will have a low-res proof sent to your inbox.

Check out our pricing guide for more information. Click here to download.


The Charlotte Collection

A minimal and elegant design that is a timeless classic. With a simple monogram to finish it off, this design can easily suit most weddings.

The Scarlet Collection

A lovely collection that uses a fun modern calligraphic script font to highlight your first names. Full names can be included if you would like to although the size of the fonts will likely need to be reduced.

The Juliet Collection

A romantic invitation design that uses a delicate modern calligraphic script font in combination with a modern sans serif (no feet) font. 

The Abigail Collection

A traditional and elegant invitation design that uses a beautiful script font for your names, leaving plenty of room for formal wording.

The Allison Collection

A cool modern invitation design using classic fonts that will remain timeless throughout the years. Custom monogram adds a personal touch that is carried throughout the design elements. 

The Arielle Collection

An artsy invitation design that uses a brush script font. It's prefect for the creative types that want something a little different.