Pricing of our wedding stationery


printing methods

letterpress — Using an antique printing press, raised plates are inked (with hand-mixed ink) and pressed into a sheet of paper, leaving a beautiful deep impression that you can feel. The quality is incredible. One colour is printed at a time and each sheet is guided by a human hand through the press. The ink in slightly transparent and so light colours on dark paper do not work very well, however, a metallic ink will work well on dark papers. Price: $$$

gold foil – Using a metal raised plate, metallic foil is pressed into a sheet of paper using heat and pressure. The result is a very shiny finish. The impression is not as deep as letterpress, and the small details can become lost, but it has the benefit of being able to do light colours on dark paper. Price: $$$$

digital printing – This method is not much different than printing on your home printer. Using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink toner. You are able to get a multi-coloured invitations without having multiple passes. There is no impression in the sheet of paper, leaving a very flat finish. Price: $$

ready-made designs vs. custom design

There are two unique routes to the process. The first is choosing a ready-made design. The second is choosing a bespoke design – something totally unique to you and custom designed for your wedding. All letterpress and foil orders come with complimentary custom design.

In order for you to be totally comfortable with a READY-MADE designs, we provide free PDF proofs before you buy anything. All you need to do is provide your wording for your invitations and within 3 business days you will have a low-res proof sent to your inbox. 

CUSTOM DESIGN has been my main focus for sometime. I love working with couples to create the most beautiful invitations, customized especially for them. Each come with a free design consultation and 3 rounds of changes, which has always been enough to create a design that uniquely represents the love that a couple shares. Currently all letterpress & foil pricing includes custom design.