Setting the tone of a wedding – nature inspired edition

an elegant & rustic nature-inspired wedding ideas

With a love of nature, bringing that inspiration into your wedding can be so sophisticated and beautiful. Using natural fibres in your linens and stationery is a good start. Keeping with an earthy neutral colour palette will let the nature inspired tone of your wedding shine. Tip: Make sure to stay away from high gloss or shiny metallic finishes, (unless you’re throwing in a modern twist).

I can talk your ear off mostly about stationery (obvi.) , so here’s a list of tips for setting the tone of your elegant (slightly rustic) nature-inspired wedding with your invitations

  • Use natural white paper (not bright white) will add a gentleness to your invitations. Bright white paper tend to be too modern for this style.

  • Use 100% cotton or 100% recycled thick card stock paper (ideally with an eggshell finish so that it doesn’t look too smooth)

  • Handmade paper is a beautiful option — it’s incredibly soft and has an organic and natural tone with it’s deckled edges (whatever colour you choose of this paper, it will still have that organic, natural tone)

  • Keeping the design minimal with accents in envelope colour or liners to make your invitations elegant. Try a floral or greenery liner or a deep sage colour envelope to add some colour.

  • If you love wax seals (which start at only about $2.85 each), stick to antique metallics or ivory.

  • Calligraphy envelope addressing is so organic looking and beautiful for a nature inspired wedding invitation

calligraphy on envelopes
Natural Plates stoneware rentals for weddings
nature inspired stationery
naked cake with figs by royal sugar bakery
wedding day hike

What it's actually like to work with a custom stationery designer
custom wedding stationery designer
amanda keenan - packaging up custom wedding stationary with a personal note
handmade wedding invitations being packaged up "made with love" invitations

My favourite way to work with clients is to design wedding invitations from scratch. That means I get to know you, your style, and your vision for your wedding day. I love gathering inspiration from the decor or the venue or even something that you two like doing together.

In a nutshell it works like this:

  • You email me with an inquiry. (hi!) OR click here

  • You get any initial questions answered + we set up a time to have your free consultation

  • You get a proposal with quote options, and you get free invitation samples mailed to you. You can feel the quality of work so that you're totally comfortable with your decision.

  • Everything else is basically done online – design proofs and sign-offs. You get 3 initial designs and 3 rounds of changes. Sometimes we get back on the phone if you want to talk things out about the design or what you need.

  • Once you are 100% happy with the design, then I make them for you using an incredibly old and beautiful letterpress. One sheet at a time, one impression at a time. It usually takes me at least a full day.

  • I carefully package up your invitation suite and ship it to you (Canadian shipping is free)

  • usually, there is a very excited email that follows with something like ...

"Everything is so much more beautiful in person. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this work! We are so pleased that we decided to go with you and now have a beautiful keepsake to keep forever" from Ariel, a recent client

This work is what fills me up to the brim and I honestly can’t be more honoured that I get to be part of your wedding story.

Beauty is in the details – Orlea & Nicholas
Timeless simple Letterpress wedding invitations

Every so often I actually meet my clients in person. It's such a gift to be there when they see their invitation for the first time. I know to some it might just seem like a piece of paper, but seeing Orlea tear up when she saw her invitations, and how the excitement just beamed out her – this makes it real. I'm full with so much gratefulness that she trusted me to make them for her.

This wedding is full of greenery and soft white flowers – This Toronto bride has such an elegant style.

Vendor List

Stationery: Silverplate Press
Photography: Pep Studios
Flowers: Blooming Wellies Flower Boutique
Makeup: Bridezilla Beauty
Cake: I Do! Wedding Cakes
Venue: Old Mill Toronto
Dress: Made by the Orlea's Aunt!

Old Mill Toronto wedding
Toronto Bride - timeless minimal wedding
White and Green flower centrepiece
Gorgeous green and white flower wedding bouquet
white and ivory and green wedding
custom letterpress wedding invitations
custom letterpress wedding stationary
Jura & Guido's romantic wedding in Buenos Aires
Adventure couple, destination wedding invitations

Vendor List:

Photography: Gus Hildebrandt
Videography: Finales Felices 
Dress: Lea-Ann Belter 
Tux: The Dirty
Hair & Makeup: Maik Anzoátegui
Decor: Vicky Perez Valiño (Ambientar eventos
Catering: Fava Catering 
Music: The Oreos and Grupo Sarapura Djs
Venue: Palacio Paz, Buenos Aires
Tango: Leonardo Barri and colleagues

One of my favourite parts of my job is meeting amazing couples doing amazing things! Jura and Guido planned a gorgeous intimate wedding in Argentina surrounded by those closest to them. Their modern wedding invitations were custom designed and letterpress printed using charcoal grey ink on ivory cotton paper. 

Take a peek at Jura and Guido's wedding day below. Stunning! Their love is inspiring. 

Jura and Guido Argentinian Wedding
Jura and Guido Buenos Aires Argentina wedding
Jura and Guido's Argentinian destination wedding
Palacio Paz, Buenos Aires wedding
Palacio Paz, Buenos Aires Wedding
Jura and Guido Argentinian wedding
7 quick tips when ordering wedding invitations

I think it's a safe assumption to say that you've never ordered wedding stationery, and I'm sure it can feel a bit overwhelming. Most people that come to me need a little help with the basics, so I've put together 7 quick tips when ordering your invitations. Things like when to send them, what to include, how much they will cost and what letterpress printing really is.

I'm always here to help you if you need it. Let me know if you have any more questions.

how to order wedding invitations
  1. HOW MANY // How many invitations do you need? Consider your guest list – Remember not every guest needs an invitation, only every household. Proper etiquette also says that any adult (even if they live at home with their parents) still need an invitation of their own. Roughly estimated, that number tends to be about 70% of your final count. That usually accounts of any last minute extras that come up.

  2. TIMELINE // When to send out your wedding invitations — You should consider sending your save-the-dates about 8 months to 1 year ahead of your wedding day. Wedding Invitations should go out 2-3 months before the wedding. If you've sent out save-the-dates, 2 months beforehand is the standard time to send them out.

  3. PRINT METHODS // What is letterpress, foil and digital printing? – Three methods of printing your invitations and they highly affect the price you will be paying.
    Digital Printing is pretty close to what you will get from your home printer, except using a professional printer. The outcome is smooth to the touch and doesn't leave any impression the sheet of paper. This is the most inexpensive option, it's generally the quickest and isn't affected by the number of colours used.
    Letterpress Printing offers a luxurious deep impression in a sheet of paper, generally cotton paper so it's very soft and pillowy. All letterpress printing is done on an antique printing press (ours is from 1936), and each invitations goes through the press one at a time, one colour at a time. The price is greatly affected by the number of colours. The outcome is out-of-this-world beautiful!
    Hot Foil Stamping is also very luxurious and has a slight impression in the paper with a very shiny finish. So if you want a metallic look or rose gold or copper, this is the way to go. It is also by far the most premium option.

  4. COST // Budget realistically – How much do invitations cost? Often times wedding invitations are made and assembled by hand. Each one is carefully put together and with that extra care comes a bit of a cost. Paying a bit extra to have a professional assemble your invitations might be something that is a must for you... or if you're crafty you may opt to do it yourself. I've already mentioned that digital is your least expensive option, with letterpress being in the middle, and hot foil as the most premium.
    Things that may be must-haves could add to your cost (so budget accordingly) are things like; wax seals, envelope liners, envelope addressing, custom calligraphy, assembly costs.
    To give you an estimate;
    Digital Printed invitations are by far the least expensive printed invitation you can get. Generally speaking, the price is about $600 for 100 invitations with rsvp cards.
    Letterpress invitations with rsvp cards tends to be about $1200 for 100.
    Entirely Foil invitations with rsvp are around $2000 for 100.
    Of course, all these prices can change depending on the add-ons or custom tailored items. Contact me to inquire.

  5. WHAT'S IN THE ENVELOPE? // What to include in your invitation suite – After looking through your inspirations of invitations, you may find that you need more or less cards in your invitation suite. At the very least you need to include your invitation and give your guests a way to rsvp. This can be through a separate card that your guests mail back (with postage that your provide for them). If you're on a tighter budget you may opt for including a website where to rsvp online. This again can be done either on the invitation itself OR a separate url card (which is generally much smaller than an rsvp card).
    Things to ask yourself when deciding what goes in your invitations –
    Do my guests know where to book their hotels?
    Do they need directions and/or a map?
    Do I need them to go to a website to find out more information?
    Is there any other before or after wedding events that I need include information about?

  6. WORDING YOUR INVITATIONS? // What to say on your wedding invitations and how to write it – When wording your wedding invitations you can follow this basic rule of thumb and then adapt based on your specific scenario. The basics include:

    • Proper Names of those hosting the wedding (ie. your parents or just exclude if you are hosting yourselves)
    • Request Line (ie. Request the honour of your presence, or please join us...)
    • Your names
    • Date & time of your Wedding
    • Name and Location of your Wedding
    • Reception line and details (ex. reception to follow or cocktails and dinner to follow)

    Those are the basic necessities for your invitations, although there are some etiquette guidelines you’ll want to consider. I've put together a free guide to wording your invitations that you can download by clicking here

  7. POSTAGE // Weight and size matter in how much it will cost to send – One last thing before I finish here in this little guide; make sure you consider the cost of actually mailing out your invitations and including postage for your guests to reply if you choose to send out rsvp cards.
    Regular Domestic Postage is $1 each ($0.85, if you order a roll) for all envelopes under 30g.
    Over weight Domestic Postage is $1.20 each for envelopes 30g – 50g.
    Things that can make the weight to over are using a double thick paper for your entire suite. Using heavy ribbon, double envelopes or wax seals. It's a good idea to weigh the suite or ask us what the weight will be.

I hope this little guide was helpful. Share it with your friends to make their lives a little easier.

And if you ever have any questions I'm here to help. Email me at

– Amanda

Laura & Ilan's Jewel Toned Black Tie wedding
Jewel Toned Elegant Black Tie wedding invitations by Silverplate Press

Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: Lustre Events
Photography: Tara McMullen Photography
Venues: York Mills Gallery / Aga Khan Museum
Flowers: Bloom & Co.

I still can't get over the beautiful colours of this wedding. The whole wedding, not just the invitations. It's all stunning! I used gold ink on these custom designed letterpress wedding invitations, with a larger than normal size (A9 – which is 5.5 x 8.5), merlot coloured envelopes with navy reply envelopes. The colours of the invitations perfectly suited the wedding! The dresses, the flowers, all the details so perfectly thought out and considered. 

Beautiful jewel coloured wedding bouquet
Wedding Day photography by Tara McMullen
Stunning Rustic elegant wedding reception decor
Aga Khan wedding
Beautiful rustic elegant wedding
Toronto modern rustic wedding

Shoot me an email and let's have a chat about making your invitations.

Talk soon. XO — Amanda